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Berlin Apartments For Sale By Get You The Right Apartment in the Right Location

24 Jul 14 - 00:43

For an investor looking to invest in the hot Berlin real estate markets, there are a number of strategies he can adopt. Apartments, especially in prime locations in Berlin, attract high premium and also offer handsome long term returns. One strategy an investor could consider is to buy and hold apartments in one of the choicest locations keeping in mind property and income taxes applicable in the city. The strategy could call for investing the entire capital upfront or leveraging capital ...
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Own properties in Berlin with 100% assistance

22 May 14 - 02:01

Wealth growth is not achieved simply by buying and selling the first property you come across. It is the result of forethought, knowledge and wise investment strategies your Berlin real estate agent develops for you. Seek the right advice and strategies for Berlin property by Gate Berlin and you see a manifold increase in wealth and/or a steady stream of income from considered investments in realty.
The market is in a state of flux with fluid dynamics necessitating agile strategies for ...
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Investment Strategies for Berlin Apartments for Sale by Gate Berlin

14 May 14 - 21:06

Investors in property are making a beeline for Berlin since prices of property are appreciating but purchase prices are still below the levels prevailing in other cities in Europe. This might tempt you to make investment decisions in haste and then repent. The fact is that even if it is a rising market and there is no sign of a bubble burst anytime in the near future, you must have a strategy in place if you wish significant growth in wealth. There is no set pattern or formula since market ...
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Taxes Derate Perceived Incomes from Property Rentals: Get Berlin Realtor to Advise and Know Exact Returns

13 May 14 - 20:46

Berlin is the hottest destination for investors not because it is the capital of Germany but because of the property boom and relatively attractive prices, making investment in property a sound tactic. It is possible, given that property prices appreciate by 45% a year and rentals by 30% that you buy a reasonable piece of property and get the hoped for capital returns. However, from another perspective, you could be between the devil and the deep blue Spree.  Consider:
If you buy property ...
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Real Estate in Berlin is Booming—Get in On the Ground Floor with Real Estate Agency to Help Devise Strategies

22 Apr 14 - 00:01

When you talk of Berlin Real Estate, prices are heading up and up and are not going to plateau or even bottom out any time soon. The reason is simple enough. There is a shortage of apartments and there is an influx of people into this city creating high demand and low availability. Naturally investors are making a beeline to Berlin rather than to Munich or London.

If you are an investor and think Berlin real investment is an attractive proposition, it is. Property prices have appreciated...
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Investment Strategy on Berlin Property by Gate Berlin

11 Apr 14 - 00:05

When you think of investments and returns, especially in real estate in Berlin, you also need to factor in the tax incidence. If you sell within 10 years of purchase you pay capital gains tax. If you rent it out and if rental value is between Euro 8.000 to 50.000 you will end up paying income tax as a private person ranging from 1 % to 26 % after allowing deductibles. If you decide founding a company GmbH in Germany for the purpose of buying an apartment block you would only pay around 16% ...
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Think of Investment Strategy Even Before You Think of Buying and Selling Apartments in Berlin

10 Apr 14 - 02:55

If you are thinking of buying and then selling apartments in Berlin without a sound strategy to back up your investment decision, you will come up against a Wall. The Berlin Wall here works in a different way: there are taxes to consider; knowledge of specific posh areas and specific properties in such locations such as pre-war properties you must know; local rules about rentals and disposal of properties within 10 years of purchase and attendant capital gains tax.  The wall is not insurmou...
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Berlin Real Estate Market is Going Up, up and Up—Dive in

27 Mar 14 - 22:54

Pankow_Parkstr_0001Those selling property in Berlin are laughing their way to the Bank. Investors who had bought properties in Berlin are probably sitting back and relaxing as high rentals fetch handsome returns each month on property they had bought at rock bottom prices. So where does that leave you and me? Do we get on the bandwagon or is the Berlin realty market about to go bust?

It is never too late, especially if you consider Berlin real estate. Prices have appreciated by more than 30 to 50% and are at...
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High Returns on Berlin Property for Sale with Right Equity Advice and Planning

14 Mar 14 - 20:45

Prices of property in Berlin are going up and investors from Spain, Russia, France, Italy and Britain are jumping on this lucrative realty market. In order to make a substantial profit, you need not invest 100% of the price of the property in Berlin. The smart way, as investors do, is to go for equity financing. Property investments are solid and offer maximum returns, as high as 80%, with less risk as you will find in stocks or mutual funds. The trick is to operate on margins and this is w...
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Berlin Real Estate by Get Complete Property Acquisition Service

14 Feb 14 - 19:57

Prenzlberg-5Berlin is nothing but a unique and vibrant city which is full of culture, media, sprawling greenery and a pulsating economical, technological and scientific centre. Further Berlin real estate market offers inviting array of residential as well as commercial property for both owner-occupiers and investors interested in investing in real estate property for stable returns. Those who are looking to invest money in Berlin’s real estate market must avail expert consultation and property search adv...
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