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High Returns on Berlin Property for Sale with Right Equity Advice and Planning

14 Mar 14 - 20:45

Prices of property in Berlin are going up and investors from Spain, Russia, France, Italy and Britain are jumping on this lucrative realty market. In order to make a substantial profit, you need not invest 100% of the price of the property in Berlin. The smart way, as investors do, is to go for equity financing. Property investments are solid and offer maximum returns, as high as 80%, with less risk as you will find in stocks or mutual funds. The trick is to operate on margins and this is where you get smart equity finance planning, advice and action with the help of a real estate agency in Berlin.

Leveraging equity through capital simply means you opt for a loan. You put up only 30 to 40% of the total cost of the property in Berlin. For every 100 dollars you have, you invest only 30 to 40 in one property, giving you the chance to invest in more properties at the same time and thus treble your rental income, if you rent it out. You may then put up one Berlin property for sale by, your friendly realtor, and still gain a handsome return that you can re-invest. Just work in consultation with the realtor.

In both cases, where you start off with a buy and then go on to sale, your realtor can prove to be invaluable, keeping your interests exclusively covered in each type of transaction. You enjoy the benefit of his expertise in property markets in Berlin, his advice on equity leveraging and the assistance you receive post buy or sell as regards documentation. Multiply returns through equity leveraging with the advice of a real estate agency in Berlin to enjoy quantum returns.

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