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Think of Investment Strategy Even Before You Think of Buying and Selling Apartments in Berlin

10 Apr 14 - 02:55

If you are thinking of buying and then selling apartments in Berlin without a sound strategy to back up your investment decision, you will come up against a Wall. The Berlin Wall here works in a different way: there are taxes to consider; knowledge of specific posh areas and specific properties in such locations such as pre-war properties you must know; local rules about rentals and disposal of properties within 10 years of purchase and attendant capital gains tax.  The wall is not insurmountable when you opt for sound investment strategies on Berlin apartments for sale by Gate Berlin.

Investment strategy can be based on location and charting the high and low prices for the previous year as a trend indicator for the future. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Mitte are undoubtedly the tops when it comes to apartment prices. Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Spandau and Lichtenberg apartments cost half as much. However, apartments in prime locations have high appreciation value despite higher initial investments. This is but one of the different aspects of sound investment strategy.

Your Berlin realtor will discuss Berlin apartment investment strategies that will consider the maximum capital gains target, suitable property at the best price, negotiate with seller, consider options on rentals and manage leases and tenants and other matters, even extending to helping out with leveraging your funds to help you buy more properties with the amount you have. You pay only 40% upfront and people at Gate Berlin arrange funding for the rest. The next step is rental of the property so you pay part of the mortgage through rental. Your growth, with their assistance, does not follow a straight line path; it is exponential.

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