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Real Estate in Berlin is Booming—Get in On the Ground Floor with Real Estate Agency to Help Devise Strategies

22 Apr 14 - 00:01

When you talk of Berlin Real Estate, prices are heading up and up and are not going to plateau or even bottom out any time soon. The reason is simple enough. There is a shortage of apartments and there is an influx of people into this city creating high demand and low availability. Naturally investors are making a beeline to Berlin rather than to Munich or London.

If you are an investor and think Berlin real investment is an attractive proposition, it is. Property prices have appreciated by 45% and rents by 30% in 2013. All you need to do is visit Berlin, find a likely piece of property, latch on to it and then wait for some time before unloading it and making handsome profits. Wait. There must be a catch somewhere. There is. For starters, you must know about the location where property prices appreciate the most and investment is likely to get you the expected returns. Secondly, you must know that if you buy property you are liable to pay 1,2% legal fees, 6% land tax, 0.5% registration fees and if you resell the property within 10 years you have to pay capital appreciation tax. If you rent it out, there are laws you must comply with and conform to tax laws. Investment in real estate is attractive but there are these minor glitches.

The solution? You do not consider real estate investment in Berlin as simple buy and sell. You get maximum returns only if you proceed on a well devised investment strategy keeping local conditions and future development in mind. The best way is to consult a local realtor for investment strategies. Berlin Real Estate by Gate Berlin is your gateway to investment strategies resulting in a win-win situation, least hassles and maximum returns.

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