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Berlin Apartments For Sale By Get You The Right Apartment in the Right Location

24 Jul 14 - 00:43

For an investor looking to invest in the hot Berlin real estate markets, there are a number of strategies he can adopt. Apartments, especially in prime locations in Berlin, attract high premium and also offer handsome long term returns. One strategy an investor could consider is to buy and hold apartments in one of the choicest locations keeping in mind property and income taxes applicable in the city. The strategy could call for investing the entire capital upfront or leveraging capital for purchasing apartments that could get investors a larger block of apartments. This goes hand in hand with a lease or rental arrangement, the income from which goes towards repayment of the mortgage. An investor considering this strategy must also plan to set up a registered entity to hold the property, the type of entity dictated by tax and other considerations.

The crucial point for investments in apartments as a way to create wealth is the choice of location. An investor may be confused as to whether to invest in posh, old, pre-war apartments adjacent to transport and parks or whether to go for suburban new apartments at a lower price. An investor can buy apartments in suburbs at prices starting at Euro 1000 per square meter in Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Spandau. Prices for apartments in Mitte, Grunewald, Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf start at around Euro 2500 and can go up to Euro 5500 per square meter. That does not mean apartments are there for the asking since brokers control most of the market and you need services of an expert. Berlin apartments for sale by service gives you that all important access to choice apartments in prime locations or affordable ones in upcoming suburbs. This and the investment strategy is what will help investors create long term wealth in a smooth, glitch-free manner.

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