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Rely on us to find your ideal Berlin property

Property search services operate with great success in liquid real estate markets in major cities across the world – but are yet to be widely offered in Germany. GATE Berlin is first in delivering the concept to buyers of Berlin residential properties and sourcing investment opportunities across Germany.

Over the years, GATE Berlin’s principals have learnt about effective property search and purchase in cities including New York, Paris and Sydney, combining this valuable experience with decades of negotiating the Berlin property market.

We represent your interests as a buyer

In cities like Berlin,with a short supply and where prices are constantly rising, it’s crucial you work with experts to represent your interests.

Although Berlin is still behind other major cities in terms of price, properties in preferred locations are already scarce and difficult to find.

The GATE Berlin team places the highest importance on delivering our buyers a transparent service – accompanying and leading you through the Berlin real estate market to find precisely the property that you want.



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